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Every retailer I have passed is primed to sell it and the shelves were nearly empty in one continental chain two hours before an official launch event.

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For India, alongside China a key growth market, Samsung has created a zero-interest purchase offer, which, along with a variety of cash back deals on websites and retailers, is elevating the popularity of the device. Apple is currently offering Rs 7, for a consumer's old smartphone when buying the iPhone 4.

In Russia, another important growth market, where the phones launched a day earlier than the US, sales in the first were days have been estimated at 15,, a record for the country, say local analysts. Local reports suggests Samsung has struck a deal with carrier MTS so that the phone comes with free calls for one year.

For the start of May the S4 has overtaken the 4S to reach second place.

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However, the text and call minutes allowance is limited. The most expensive iPhone 4S is the 64GB version. Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch. The good news is that the launch of a new model should trigger sharp reductions in the cost of previous versions. Apple is cutting the cost of the 3GS and other iPhone handsets which run on the same software as the new model.

The 3GS handset, the oldest iPhone still being sold new, is now free to users happy to tie into a two-year contract, while the iPhone 4 price could fall to double figures, although its storage capacity is dwarfed by that of the new 4S. Mike Wilson, manager of mobiles and broadband at Moneysupermarket.

This offer excludes iPhone 5s. Who your provider is can make a big difference, as customers often need to contact customer services.

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In the past few months, The Telegraph has been flooded with complaints from readers regarding T-Mobile and Orange which came together to form EE in In a recent customer satisfaction survey by Ofcom, Orange was rated the worst, with only 67pc of its customers saying they were satisfied with the customer service, compared with a sector average of 75pc. T-Mobile scored 71pc, while O2 came out on top with 82pc.

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Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at comparison site uSwitch. Other factors to consider are value for money, as well as reception in your area and customer service — especially as most mobile deals now last two years.

The good news for fed-up consumers is that Ofcom is focusing on addressing quality and value in the telecoms sector in For all the latest money saving tips and ideas, sign up to our weekly online newsletter. Compare the best mobile phone deals with The Telegraph Mobile Comparison. Terms and Conditions.